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Lesbian Girl Forced To Eat Pussy

Girl Forced To Eat Pussy

Nipple & Pussy Torture - Watch Here

This video features a hot lesbian girl forced to eat pussy during a BDSM torture session. The girl gets her nipples and pussy tortured with clamps before being forced to eat the smooth shaved pussy of her dominant lesbian Mistress. I've seen many videos involving forced pussy eating and I can tell you that this is probably the most intense I've seen. The dominant girl forces her cunt so hard into the sub's face that she is almost smothering her. She shouts at the girl to lick her pussy hard and grinds her wet twat against the girl's tongue until she is on the point of orgasm.

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Girl Forced Strapon Fucking Outdoors

This girl on girl forced strapon fucking video is so hot it should come with a safety warning. You could easily do yourself some damage jacking off to this movie - just make sure you have plenty of lube handy when you watch it - you're going to need it!

The video kicks off with this super-hot brunette being forced to strip naked in the woods by her lesbian Mistress. The slave removes her outer clothes but is reluctant to get completely naked outdoors. For this insolence the slave is made to put on a collar and is chained to a tree. Her remaining clothes are torn from her leaving her completely exposed to the elements of looking sexy as fuck!

Girl Forced Strapon

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With the slave restrained and naked the sexy blonde mistress strokes her naked flesh, touching her inner thighs and making her part her legs. She then spanks her ass hard, making red hand marks on her naked cheeks. With the slaves ass nicely warmed the Mistress pulls out her strapon and prepares to fuck her from behind.

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Forced Girl On Girl Bondage & Whipping

Today's video features forced girl on girl bondage and hot lesbian ass whipping. If you like a bit of kinky lesbian BDSM sex and bondage then this is the video for you. The two chicks in this movie are very much into the BDSM scene and it comes across in the video. They are really good at the domination and submission games, with the slave really being pushed to her limits of both pain and humiliation.

Forced Girl On Girl

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You can see from the screenshot above that the slave girl has her wrists cuffed to her ankles so that she is in a stooped position - her sexy ass sticking out and just begging to be whipped. If you look closely you will also notice the end of a shiny metal butt plug protruding from the girl's asshole. This was inserted by her mistress to heighten the effects of the butt whipping she is about to receive.

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Lesbian Forced Sex Submission Video

This video features lesbian forced sex and submission and is one of the hottest we have posted to date. The two chicks in this video are really fucking stunning and are obviously experienced at playing kinky lesbian sex games. The dominant partner is a real expert domme and takes great pleasure in taunting and teasing her submissive slave. She even uses a whip and paddle on her slave to deliver some seriously stinging spanks that have the girl crying out in genuine pain.

Lesbian Forced Sex

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During the course of the video the submissive lesbian slave is subjected to a series of painful and humiliating punishments before being forced into sex with a strapon. By the time the strapon is brought out the slave has little resistance left and doesn't put up much of a fight. Instead she takes to her knees with her face in the sand and quietly submits to having her pussy fucked hard from behind. But as the mistress's pace increases the girl starts to respond to the fucking and eventually she is pushing back against the strapon to take it deeper inside her. Before long the strapon fucking reaches a climax and both girls collapse in an exhausted mess on the beach.

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Lesbian Forced To Cum in BDSM Dungeon

Check out this hot video of a cute lesbian forced to cum in a hardcore BDSM dungeon scene. The cute little lesbian chick is chained up and ball gagged and has her legs hoisted into the air so her pussy is totally open and vulnerable. The hot lesbian dominatrix has complete access and complete control of her exposed cunt and she wastes not time in teasing and tormenting her little salve girl.

Lesbian Forced To Cum

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This hot dominatrix is an expert when it comes to pussy teasing. She uses clamps applied to the girl's sensitive pussy lips to give painful little nips that have the girls struggling to get away. But the pain is then replaced with a soothing rub of the clit; building up the pleasure and making the slave want more. However, as soon as the slave is starting to enjoy it, the cruel mistress piles on the pain again and torments her by withholding her attentions and leaving the girl suspended between pain and pleasure.

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